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Parents Testimonials

LDN has impressed us from the first day we visited up until today that our son is already enrolled. All the staff are very welcoming and friendly. One of the factors that we, parents consider in looking for a place to entrust our little ones. The place is clean and bright – very inviting. We personally witnessed how particular they are when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation.

Most importantly, we noticed a big improvement with our son. His communication and social skills has improved from day 1. We are definitely a happy and sa..

My daughter goes to LDN and I must say this is the best I saw so far in the region…I have visited many nurseries around DG and found little diamonds is the only one explaining everything with out having the mind set to “sell”. The lady in charge of admissions were fantastic in the way she explained everything to me and not just about nursery but also about their onboarding to school.. and I really liked the way she convinced me, as she was not being pushy but genuinely putting efforts to make me understand the values LDN will bring…T..

Nice nursery with very accommodating and competent teachers and staff. The place is clean and well-maintained. Activities are varied and well-thought of. I love how they know the students by their names and how everyone goes out of their way to make sure that the child feels at home with them. My child loves going to school. Highly recommended!

We made a good decision enrolling our daughter at Little Diamond Nursery – Discovery Garden. The ambience of the school is very welcoming and comfortable , every corner is very neat and clean, the staff are very friendly and accommodating. Their daily activity are appropriate for the child’s age and parents are well updated.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته :
بعد عام من التعامل مع حضانة ليتل دايموند البريطانية الواقعة في الرفاعة بر دبي أود مشاركتكم تجربتي في الحضانة المتميزة وانا معلمة أعمل في الصباح من السابعة صباحاً حتى الثالثة والنصف بعد الظهر لدى إبن وحيد اسمه راكان حماده أحضره إلى بيته الثاني حيث المساعدات و..

All during this period what I love most about the nursery is its “Extreme Creativity”. The care and other things have been great too. The weekly notes have become highly interesting. Thanks for the efforts.

Our Daughter joined the nursery at six months old, attending just three days per week, to begin with. She absolutely loves her Little Diamond Nursery family and is always bubbling with happiness when we pick her up having had such a lovely time there.She was the youngest there at the time she joined, and I was a bit worried that she would require lots of attention being so young, as she could not sit up yet and was starting a habit of fighting her naps.

The staff are very caring and friendly and patient, and know what they’re doing..

The nursery plays a pivotal role not only for the child’s development but also for entire family. LDN has been an important partner to understand the needs of learning and address it timely. Their staff is well trained, empathetic and courteous. They are prompt in their feedback and updates. I couldn’t have asked for a better learning partner for my daughter Roohani. She has shown tremendous improvement in social, cognitive and emotional skills. Keep up the good work.

Shamma’s journey started with Little Diamond Nursery in September 2020, when she was eight months old. She was the first baby at the nursery. We were so happy when we our daughter took her first steps at Little Diamond Nursery, and they even surprised us with a very special birthday party for Shamma. By end of December, Shamma will blow out the candles for her second birthday, with more than 14 months at Little Diamond Nursery.

As a working woman and a mother what we mainly need is a secure feeling that our kid is in SAFE hands so that we can focus on our duties and that is completely taken care by the Nursery. My son is having fun at nursery along with learning. I highly recommend Little Diamond Nursery in all the aspects be it health and safety, care and compassion from the staff. And most important is they make sure to give individual attention to each child’s growth.

I thank Little Diamond Nursery for being a second home for my daughter. I thank you for being at the top of the ladder for moral and educational integrity for children of all nationalities. I thank you for your understanding and assuming this great responsibility. My daughter has developed and become more social and learnt a lot from the Nursery. I never feel anxious leaving my daughter with you. When I came back from work to pick up my child, I see her being cared for, happy and cheerful. A word of thanks is not enough for you. But still a ..

I want to thank Little Diamond nursery for being a part of my daughter’s development. It is one of the cleanest and the most meticulous nursery paying attention to the simplest details.