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Registrations open for the New Academic Year 2022-23 at Mankhool, Al Raffa and Discovery Gardens branches! Ongoing Special Offers and Discounts running! HURRY and REGISTER NOW!

Welcome to Little Diamond Nursery

Little Diamond Nursery aims to bring the Arabic language along with English in a fun and immersive way while instilling the UAE values, heritage and culture.

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About Little Diamond Nursery

Our young Nursery is approved by the Ministry of Education to nurture the national identity in our children throughout the seven areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework in both Languages English and Arabic. In this sense, Little Diamond nursery provides a national influence that re-generates the traditional UAE heritage through several cultural aspects. As we prepare our children to form a national pride for life, they will learn to be independent, inquirers, and enthusiastic learners.

Trained and experienced multilingual staff
Safe and clean premise
Policies on positive discipline in place to manage children’s behaviour
Excellent ratio of staff to children

A Unique Child

We recognize that every child is a competent learner and has the capabilities to be dynamic, confident, and self-assured. The commitments are focused around development; inclusion; safety; and health and well-being.

Positive Relationships

Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person. The commitments are focused around respect; partnership with parents; supporting learning, and the role of the

Enabling Environments

The environment plays an important role in supporting and extending children learnings. Our Environment focuses on assessment and planning, observations, learning environment; support for each child, child transitions, and continuity.

Learning & Development

We recognize that the children develop and learn in various ways and at various progressions and that all areas of development are equally important and connected to each other.

As a working woman and a mother what we mainly need is a secure feeling that our kid is in SAFE hands so that we can focus on our duties and that is completely taken care by the Nursery. My son is having fun at nursery along with learning. I highly recommend Little Diamond Nursery in all the aspects be it health and safety, care and compassion from the staff. And most important is they make sure to give individual attention to each child’s growth.

Ms. Punya Mohan, Doctor (Parent at Al raffa branch)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته :
بعد عام من التعامل مع حضانة ليتل دايموند البريطانية الواقعة في الرفاعة بر دبي أود مشاركتكم تجربتي في الحضانة المتميزة وانا معلمة أعمل في الصباح من السابعة صباحاً حتى الثالثة والنصف بعد الظهر لدى إبن وحيد اسمه راكان حماده أحضره إلى بيته الثاني حيث المساعدات والمعلمة تنتظره بشوق ولهفة مطمئنة البال طيلة الوقت ,هناك من يهتم به ويعلمه أنشطة جميلة ومتنوعة حرصين على صحته في حال تعرض لأي طارئ صحي وعلى نظافة ثيابه ، دائماً على تواصل معي عن طريق الهاتف أو التطبيق هاي ماما المعاملة دائماً في ليتل دايمند متميزة من قبل المديرة وعاملة الاستقبال والمساعدات , أنصح جميع الأهل حضانة ليتل دايموند فرع الرفاعة وأشكر جميع القائمين والعاملين في هذه الحضانة ودائماً للأعلى والتميز والله ولي التوفيق

سوسن عدنان شايب (Parent at Al raffa branch)

I want to thank Little Diamond nursery for being a part of my daughter’s development. It is one of the cleanest and the most meticulous nursery paying attention to the simplest details.

Ms. Shaikha Ali Alhosani, works at Dubai courts (Parent at Al raffa branch)

Little Diamond Nursery has been more than a nursery experience for my little one who had been confined at home for the longest time especially with the pandemic. But starting with summer school to continued experience of FS1, the entire team of little diamond nursery Ms. Ritika, Ms. Dalel, Miss Jerlyn have been so warm and welcoming from day 1 that my child had a smooth transition from home to school and my biggest fears of his academic challenges, social interaction and separation anxiety disappeared within the first week. What distinguishes this school from others is wellness of standards in terms of hygiene, extreme protocols followed for COVID in terms of sanitization, max cap on number of kids in a class and much more. Every single team member knows the child inside out and are prompt in planning the week ahead with regular follow ups on the assigned tasks of the previous days.

Rivaan’s love for his school and teachers makes me look forward to this each day in every way!

Thank you for a delightful environment.

Ms. Shveta, Homemaker (Parent at Al raffa branch)

Shamma’s journey started with Little Diamond Nursery in September 2020, when she was eight months old. She was the first baby at the nursery. We were so happy when we our daughter took her first steps at Little Diamond Nursery, and they even surprised us with a very special birthday party for Shamma. By end of December, Shamma will blow out the candles for her second birthday, with more than 14 months at Little Diamond Nursery & will continue her journey there at the Nursery.

Shamma now has strong personal, social skills & communication skills.
Thank you to Little Diamond Nursery management! A big thanks to the Nursery staff.
We are so proud of you! We are so lucky that you are Shamma’s family.

Mrs. and Mr. Badarneh, work in Dubai Health Authority (Parent at Al raffa branch)

As mother for Rafeef who is enrolled now in Little Diamond Nursery, I feel secure for my child’s safety and comfortable with the school protocols.

Mrs. Noor Ali. Homemaker (Parent at Al raffa branch)

LDN is a wonderful setting for the core foundation of children’s learning & development. A very well-led & managed nursery. The team efforts are fantastic & parents are always thoroughly informed & encouraged about the child’s progress or needs. Our child loves the activities & cheerful environment set out each day.
Thank you for all the hardwork! Great effort at nurturing our child!!

Ajay & Yashashree, Business owner & Founder (Parent at Al raffa branch)

I thank Little Diamond Nursery for being a second home for my daughter. I thank you for being at the top of the ladder for moral and educational integrity for children of all nationalities. I thank you for your understanding and assuming this great responsibility. My daughter has developed and become more social and learnt a lot from the Nursery. I never feel anxious leaving my daughter with you. When I came back from work to pick up my child, I see her being cared for, happy and cheerful. A word of thanks is not enough for you. But still a Big thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Maryam Aldahmani, works at Maritonics (Parent at Al raffa branch)

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