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Registrations open for the New Academic Year 2022-23 at Discovery Gardens and Al Raffa branches! Ongoing Special Offers and Discounts running! HURRY and REGISTER NOW!


Thank you for your interest and your trust in Little Diamond Nursery. We are pleased to welcome you and your little one to our facility. Little Diamond Nursery is delighted to share with you this introductory package which contains brief information about the nursery life. For further queries please feel free to contact the nursery.


Little Diamond Nursery welcomes new registrations throughout the year. Parents are kindly notified that an interview with the child and the parent will take place at the nursery prior to admission. Children of any nationality, belief or race who have been assessed by the nursery manager would be admitted based on available spaces.

The child’s enrolment begins with the completion of a registration form containing the details of the parents/guardians and the child. Following the submission of the completed registration form, the nursery manager will contact the parents to arrange an appointment for the interview and advise them of the full admission process and the availability of the place at the nursery.

Original Documents

The following original documents and supporting copies must be provided to secure the child’s place at the Nursery.

  • Colour copy of the child and parents’ current and valid passport
  • Colour copy of the child and parents’ current and valid UAE residence visa
  • One copy of the child’s birth certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • One copy of the child’s Emirates identification card
  • Four passport sized photographs (colour) of the student
  • Latest copy of the student’s Medical Immunisation Record
  • Completed and signed copy of the Clinic and Consent forms
  • Signed copy of the Declaration (Terms & Conditions)

Note: Admission will be confirmed only following the receipt of the above documentation and registration fee payment.

The original Emirates Id of the child and the parent will be needed for registration into the Student Information System as required by MOE

Child's Age &Readiness

The age of the child must be 45 days and less than four years old at the time of the enrolment. The child should be able to complete at least 9 months at the nursery before admission to any school.

The final decision on the class admission will depend on the admission interview or assessment at the time of the application. To check the child’s level of readiness, the nursery manager would assess the following:

  1. Speech and language as per the age and development stage.
  2. Physical& cognitive development of the child based on the age and development stage.


Following the completion of the Admission form, prospective nursery children and parents are required to meet with the nursery manager to assess the child’s suitability as below:

  • Whether the child has a nanny or had one in the past
  • Whether the child has siblings attending our nursery
  • Whether the child’s home is located nearby to the nursery and transportation would not be an issue.
  • Whether the child is currently attending a nursery (A report from current nursery may be requested).
  • Whether the child has recently relocated to the area and currently does not have admission to any nursery.
  • Parents’check list:
    1. The parents ‘job and work timings.
    2. The work location of the parents.
    3. The amount of time that the parents spend with the child.

Based on the initial responses from the parents and where appropriate, the nursery would prepare a report and endeavour to inform the parents on the outcome of the admission process as soon as possible. Parents/carers will be given a copy of our Admission and Cancellation Policy and must sign a contract when their child is admitted.

Payment Of Fees

To guaranty the place at the nursery, an initial non-refundable registration fee should be paid at the time of enrolment following the interview with the child and the parents. The nursery uniform kit fee is optional. The Nursery fees should be paid in advance.

Consent Forms

Before the child starts at Little Diamond Nursery, all the clinic permission forms and consents must be submitted to the administration. In addition, a signed copy of our Terms and Conditions or Declaration must also be received.