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Our Daughter joined the nursery at six months old, attending just three days per week, to begin with. She absolutely loves her Little Diamond Nursery family and is always bubbling with happiness when we pick her up having had such a lovely time there.She was the youngest there at the time she joined, and I was a bit worried that she would require lots of attention being so young, as she could not sit up yet and was starting a habit of fighting her naps.

The staff are very caring and friendly and patient, and know what they’re doing and were able to give her the attention she needed, as well as the other lovely young children in their care. Even though she was very young, they helped her join in activities safely where she could, so she could learn and have fun. We’re all very happy and grateful to the staff for looking after our precious wee one so well.

Now after almost a year, her speech and confidence has grown. She has made a lot of friends and has a good relationship with the teachers. They learn something new every day and I love how quickly she started learning songs, numeracy, dance, and language. As a parent, I am trusting Little Diamond Nursery with the most precious gift I have, I am grateful for the love, care, and guidance my daughter receives.

Every day she goes with a big smile knowing that she will have fun while learning so many new things that help build her personality. Little Diamond Nursery has enabled my daughter to be outgoing, independent, and respectful to others.

We are thankful to every member in Little Diamond Nursery for the wonderful memories in the making and the ongoing care and support.