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Registrations open for the New Academic Year 2022-23 at Discovery Gardens and Al Raffa branches! Ongoing Special Offers and Discounts running! HURRY and REGISTER NOW!

Little Diamond Nursery has been more than a nursery experience for my little one who had been confined at home for the longest time especially with the pandemic. But starting with summer school to continued experience of FS1, the entire team of little diamond nursery Ms. Ritika, Ms. Dalel, Miss Jerlyn have been so warm and welcoming from day 1 that my child had a smooth transition from home to school and my biggest fears of his academic challenges, social interaction and separation anxiety disappeared within the first week. What distinguishes this school from others is wellness of standards in terms of hygiene, extreme protocols followed for COVID in terms of sanitization, max cap on number of kids in a class and much more. Every single team member knows the child inside out and are prompt in planning the week ahead with regular follow ups on the assigned tasks of the previous days.

Rivaan’s love for his school and teachers makes me look forward to this each day in every way!

Thank you for a delightful environment.