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We believe that the first plane of development, which is ranging between 0 and 6 years old, is the most critical period of human’s life. Little Diamond Nursery embraces this important phase of the child’s life by partnering with parents to achieve the early learning goals as set by the Early Years Foundation Stage British Program. This is a play-based curriculum, which allows exploration and respects the different learning styles & needs of the children in a secure, safe, and yet challenging environment. That’s why at Little Diamond Nursery, each child is provided with opportunities to select her preferred language (English & Arabic or French) while interacting with the UAE culture and values. Our program’s high standards’ quality guaranties that each child works at her own pace in her preferred language reaching her full potential Socially, Emotionally, Physically, and cognitively.

Our staff is highly qualified in the global care and education of young children.

Teachers and Assistant Teachers continuously undergo in-service trainings to cope up with the innovative and trendy teaching and learning methods.

Safety and security of our children is at the core of Little Diamond Nursery principles. We have established a safe environment and employ practices that promote children’s health and safety which includes Child information and confidentiality policies, CCTV installations and monitoring, access controls, fire exits and evacuation procedures, fire sprinklers and alarms, fire resistant construction, safety training for staff, procedures for background verification of Nursery staff, First aid and Clinic provision overseen by a full time Nurse, child friendly equipment, safe flooring, and waste management.

All visitors who enter the nursery must sign in a visitor’s book and wait in the reception area to be greeted by the Nursery manager.

At little Diamond Nursery all the resources are age-appropriate and take account of the children’s particular interests. Our learning environment offers hands-on experiences that enhance thinking skills. Children learn best when they have free access to the resources and are in charge of their own learning. This is why our children can work individually, in small groups or in large groups in the different learning areas. Through this interaction, the child extracts concepts and ideas about the world around him. For instance, the child teaches himself about colors when he matches each colored object with its correspondent color.

Our play-based program builds on the children natural motivation to play using age appropriate resources. In this sense, children can explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways.

Our play-based approach aims to stretch the child’s thinking to higher levels through both child-initiated and teacher-led activities. Therefore, teachers encourage children’s learning and inquiry through hands-on interactions reinforcing problem solving and prediction skills.

We aim for a positive relationship between staff and parents ensuring that their child’s needs are met. A genuine commitment to co-work with parents is what makes our Nursery unique. This partnership is reflected through the settling-in period, communication, and community & Nursery events.

Before the phonic sessions take place in our classes, we ensure the provision of creative classrooms that are rich with literacy opportunities: e.g. writing corners, mark making areas and book corners with fiction & non fiction books. As part of our play – based program, teachers model listening skills and good spoken languages through their interaction with children. Also, children are encouraged to interact with the teacher during circle time as well as in the learning areas realizing the promotion of new vocabulary.

Technology is embedded throughout the learning journey of the child in the nursery.We use state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards, child friendly devices and technology integrated in tools of learning to enhance teaching and learning.

To stay up-to-date in with digital technology to which we belong, Little Diamond Nursery provides opportunities to interact, learn and manipulate Information and Communication Technology devices (ICT). This interaction with the ICT tools allows the children to develop digital skills while extracting and retaining academic concepts which are prerequisite at school and further education.

Every child’s progress is regularly tracked, analysed, and assessed throughout the year. This information is conveyed to the parents in various forms periodically. Verbal and written observation records including Learning journeys, checklists, and summative assessments are reported by the teachers at least once each term.

A bit of safe early morning sun exposure can be good to help boost vitamin D levels! This is why outdoor activities are integrated in our program. This gives your child the chance to explore the natural environment, connect with the community, have good fitness & health level, and have adventures through periodic outdoor field trips.

At Little Diamond Nursery, children have regular opportunities to play free outdoor games, test their physical limits, express themselves and build their self-confidence. Extending classrooms to the outdoors is our main focus at the nursery. Hence, children can also experiment with outdoor messy activities through which they can extract concepts and ideas of the world around them in a funny and engaging way!

From the moment your child is enrolled, a full record of his actions is built. His likes and dislikes, his good moments, his bad moments, and how he handles challenging situations. Based on this record, individual-based activities are incorporated in his schedule to assist your child’s brain & emotional development and reduce power struggles in particular areas of learning.

Your child’s progress is recorded as well as shared with you through learning journeys, report cards, and during parent-teacher conferences.