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Registrations open for the New Academic Year 2022-23 at Discovery Gardens and Al Raffa branches! Ongoing Special Offers and Discounts running! HURRY and REGISTER NOW!

Nursery Near Me in Jebel Ali

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Isn’t it overwhelming how quickly kids grow up? One moment they are small, cuddly babies; the next thing you know, they are shuffling around and exploring the world.

That’s why it is important to find a nursery near you that provides quality childcare for your little one. When it comes to developing skills, instating good habits, and learning in a friendly and safe environment, Little Diamond Nursery’s Discovery Gardens branch is the best nursery near me in Jebel Ali.

Nursery Near Me in Jebel Ali

Our preschool is the one place that can be trusted wholeheartedly when it comes to the well-being and safety of your developing children.

Let Kids Be Kids

Childhood is meant to be enjoyed, so why burden your kids with academic work while their little minds develop?

But they can still explore the world through fun and games. That’s why Little Diamond Nursery cultivates an environment that focuses on your child’s sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional development.

We understand how important it is for a child to develop their social skills and build relationships with other children. That’s why our nursery near me in Jebel Ali encourages open-playing interactions so children can learn to become confident, independent and friendly with one another.

The Learning Environment at Little Diamond Nursery

Little Diamond Nursery is committed to providing quality education while ensuring your child’s safety. We have created a learning environment that allows your little ones to innovatively discover the world around them. Our experienced teachers are always there to help guide them along the way.

Our nursery in Discovery Gardens is one of the best Jebel Ali nursery schools that focuses on developing a child’s essential skills, such as problem-solving, communication and self-expression, through engaging activities so you know your little ones are in safe hands.

Our Activities and Facilities

We also have a wide range of activities and facilities in our Discovery Gardens branch, next to the best nursery in Jebel Ali. At Little Diamond Nursery, we offer craftwork, music and movement sessions, story time sessions and fun-filled outdoor activities like playing on the swings or slides.

We understand that the little ones need to let off steam through outdoor activities, so we’ve built a safe outdoor space where they can explore and have fun.

The nursery also has a comfortable sleeping area and a playroom with educational toys that children can use while learning different skills.

Our Intent

Our nursery has one intention and that is to involve parents in the whole journey of their child’s education. We offer parent-teacher meetings every month so parents can stay up to date with their kids’ progress and understand what they are learning in class.

We understand how important it is for you to be able to trust your nursery so let Little Diamond Nursery be that place you can depend on for quality childcare for your little one. Visit our Discovery Gardens branch, and let’s get started on this amazing journey because every kid deserves the best start in life!