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Registrations open for the New Academic Year 2022-23 at Discovery Gardens and Al Raffa branches! Ongoing Special Offers and Discounts running! HURRY and REGISTER NOW!

Nurseries Near Ibn Battuta Mall

Dubai is a beautiful place with luxurious malls, delish food, and sandy beaches to enjoy. But not everything that sparkles is diamond. People have their own set of struggles to deal with too including spending all their resources on finding the best nursery in Ibn Battuta Mall.

When it comes down to the best Ibn Battuta Mall daycare, an institute that is dedicated to providing high-quality early childhood education then Little Diamond Nursery should be your first pick. We have multiple branches around Ibn Battuta Mall and in Discovery Gardens, making it easier for concerned parents to reach out to us.

Valuing Their Worth

Every kid is a star in their way. Hence, you need to choose the right institute that recognizes their abilities and helps them grow at their own pace. One such institute is Little Diamond Nursery, one of the best Ibn Battuta Mall nursery schools that works hard to develop delicate minds into strong personalities.

At our daycare, every kid is given individual attention so that no one lags. Moreover, we take pride in our experienced and learned faculty that manages the processes smoothly, making the transition for the kids and the family smooth and easy.

It isn’t easy to send your kid off to a new place and the separation anxiety can make the child and the parent uncomfortable. And hence, this is why we make sure to include the parents at every step of the road. At our Ibn Battuta Mall daycare, we keep you updated with the progress so you do not miss out on your kid’s growing up into the brightest star.

Moreover, at Little Diamond Nursery we practice a curriculum that is an amalgamation of activities, moral and worldly knowledge. thus, we take it our duty to nurture the values and morals instilled in the kids at home, because if not worked along all the lines, the children will never grow responsible.

Where to Find the Best Kids Nursery Near Ibn Battuta Mall?

Are you looking for a daycare near Ibn Battuta Mall that is a complete institute providing high-quality early childhood education? When you have the best in mind, Little Diamond Nursery is a name you can trust.

We are a certified institute that focuses on making education fun, easy and worthwhile. Our educators work hard to facilitate little minds in every way so they can grow up to be more confident and responsible. Also, our premises are safe for your precious ones. Although decorated with everything modern to facilitate learning, we try our best to not place anything in a way that can hurt a child. Every activity designed and carried out within our premises is supervised by highly trained staff and targets the stimulation of skills that improve learning.

Doesn’t matter if your kid doesn’t know anything yet or doesn’t speak or maybe knows more than kids of his/her age, at Little Diamond Nursery we assure you to treat your kids accordingly, making them comfortable with us so they happily come back every day.