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The Ultimate Guide to Jebel Ali Village Nursery Motor City

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Leading Kids Nursery in Jebe Ali Village Motor City

Choosing a nursery isn’t as easy as one might think, especially if it is your first time. You can be confused between many popular Jebel Ali Nursery schools and find it confusing.

You might like one preschool because it has a great building, while the other may be near your house and less expensive. There are a lot of things that go through your mind, so how to choose a daycare that best meets your requirements?

The Ultimate Guide to Jebel Ali Village Nursery Motor City

Jebel Ali Village Nursery Motor City surely tops the list if you are looking for the best nursery in the area. There are a good few nurseries in the area, but this nursery surely excels in every way.

Here is everything you need to know about this Jebel Ali Nursery:

  • Location

The nursery is located in the heart of Jebel Ali, surrounded by many popular spas, stores and markets. Moreover, there are other nurseries in the vicinity, and it is connected to all the roads, making it easily accessible.

  • Jebel Ali Nursery Fees

Whether you have one child to enroll or more, good institutes can be pretty expensive. When it comes to the fee of Village Nursery in Jebel Ali, Motor City, the fee starts from as low as AED 1,500. It goes up with a grade, but if you have difficulty paying this fee, the nursery accommodates your needs.

Talk to the principal about your concerns, and they can help you.

  • Curriculum

The Jebel Ali Village Nursery’s Motor City brand follows an internationally accepted curriculum. They have proudly implemented the Early Years Foundation Structure (EYFS) that aims at the modern learning style where kids are taught through games and activities.

Moreover, our British curriculum inspires children to explore, satisfy their curiosity and develop skills that prepare them for the next phase in life.

  • Qualified Staff

Apart from a safe environment and a good curriculum, the success of Village Nursery lies in the hands of its qualified teachers. The educators here hold years of experience and immense knowledge that allows them to make difficult concepts super easy to learn and retain.

Little Diamond Nursery- The Best Nursery for a Stronger Base

Apart from Jebel Ali Village Nursery’s Motor city branch, if you are looking for a nursery that offers a quality education at even lower fees, Little Diamond Nursery is your preschool to trust.

We have a qualified faculty that manages to maintain a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning. Moreover, our facility practices high-end safety measures so you know your little ones are in safe hands.

Little Diamond Nursery is a home away from home where your kids are well taken care of while taught under the best curriculum. Every day is fun and learning, so your kids love coming back to us.

Our Discovery Gardens branch is one of the best, with flexible timings and minimum fees, so every parent can happily send their children to the top preschool in Dubai.