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Registrations Open for the Summer Camp 2022 in Mankhool, Raffa and Discovery Gardens Branch! Special Offers and Discounts for Friends Reference and Sibling Discounts for the SUMMER CAMP at the Raffa Branch! Also, Special Offers running for a LIMITED TIME PERIOD ONLY For Old Students and Government Employees during the SUMMER CAMP 2022! HURRY & REGISTER NOW!

Your most treasured possession

What is your most treasured possession? Your new car, your diamond ring, your new phone? What about your child? We put insurance and protectors on our newly purchased items without a second thought, but are…

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Teaching healthy eating habits

You may be concerned that you child does not eat enough or will not try healthy choices, but what are the best ways to help them on the road to healthy eating? Start them young…

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Let’s get moving!

Getting our children moving in the UAE can be a challenge, especially when the weather is far too hot to be outside. So how can we ensure that our children are getting the exercise they…

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