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1. British Curriculum

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) British Curriculum. EYFS prescribes standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old as part of the British curriculum. The EYFS framework gives all educators and child care professionals, a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality education and childcare experiences to all children. This framework aims to provide the best in class standard for early years education and apart from providing a high-quality guidance document for all early year professionals, the EYFS framework gives parents confidence that they can be assured that highest standards of childcare, commitments, and principles will underline their child’s learning and developmental experience.

2. Highly qualified & experienced teachers

Our young learners benefit from regular access to our internationally qualified and diversely experienced teachers who have a rich teaching experience with young children and have a professional certification/Bachelors in Early years education. These include Art, Music, Arabic and ICT session. We focus on Native English speaking and ensure that our core teaching staff speaks Native English.

3. Safety and Security

Safety and security of our children is at the core of Little Diamond Nursery principles. We have established a safe environment and employ practices that promote children’s health and safety which includes Child information and confidentiality policies, CCTV installations and monitoring, access controls, fire exits and evacuation procedures, fire sprinklers and alarms, fire resistant construction, safety training for staff, procedures for background verification of Nursery staff, First aid and Clinic provision, child friendly equipment, safe flooring, and waste management.

4. Resource-rich environment

Our children benefit from access to our child-friendly and happy environment, best child resources to learn, play, and grow.

5. Play-based learning

Our Nursery engages in a play based learning approach where they would have access to all areas of learning as prescribed in the curriculum such as Literacy, Numeracy, Physical, Speech, Language development, Expressive arts etc. We provide imaginative, sensory, and creative plays to engage our children in learning and development.

6. Partnership with parents

Parents are the children's first teachers and making a partnership with parents and carers is essential if the Nursery is to plan effectively for a child's learning. A genuine commitment to work cooperatively with parents is the feature of our Nursery and impacts on every aspect of practice.  

7. Focus on Phonics

We have a play based phonic session in the morning as part of our Curriculum. The EYFS curriculum focuses on education via phonics to make learning more enjoyable.

8. Technology

Technology is embedded naturally within our learning environments via implementing the "Smart Class" concept, and teachers are trained to utilize the projectors, iPad, and other interactive technologies wherever appropriate to enhance teaching and learning. Simple and fun coding and programming is introduced to our FS children, ensuring they receive a flying start in this important and developing ¬field of learning.

9. Assessment

Every child is periodically assessed in accordance with the EYFS framework and the academic and social progress is analysed, tracked and reported by our teachers. This includes learning journey, checklists, and summative assessments at the end of the session to track the development of each child.

10. Using Outdoor Play

Our teaching also includes regular outdoor visits by way of periodic field trips to prominent/enjoyable places for children allowing them to naturally extend their learning to the outdoors.

11. Enrichment Learning

Our programme is enhanced by our enrichment learning, where each child gets to choose from activities that would normally be considered extra-curricular such as music, dance, drama, Yoga, martial arts, foreign language classes, and ballet delivered by experts within our regular and extended Nursery timings. We have 40+ days to celebrate the international events such as the Arabian carnival, National Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

12. Features

We have facilities such as a cozy sleeping room, feeding room, Clinic with a full-time DHA licensed Nurse, periodic doctor visits, and an indoor play area with adorable and engaging play equipment, including messy play. Each classroom is equipped with a reading area, writing area, sensory area, small world, construction area, and expressive arts and design.

13. Increased attention at Little Diamond

Our unique staffing model ensures at least two to three adults are in attendance in each class. We see this as an important aspect of ensuring each child receives the personalized care and individual attention that they deserve.