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  1. Partnership - To work in partnership with parents to offer the very best in childcare and pre-school education for your child.
  2. Resources - We will offer the children a wide range of activities including lots of creative and messy play, including Smart Classes, to encourage the child’s development in an enjoyable and stimulating way. 
  3. Play Environment – Children will have access to high quality, safe equipment and an extensive range of resources according to age and ability, and for all the types of play needs (physical plan, creative play, imaginative play, sensory play, and heuristic play) to ensure holistic development.
  4. Enabling Environment - To create a happy and secure environment within the Nursery, in which all pupils have an emotional wellbeing and realise and develop their own special abilities in constant awareness of the needs of others. We recognise that every child is unique and therefore we fully embrace and support ‘Every Child Matters’.
  5. Curriculum - We will follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage Principles in providing an inclusive education tailored to individual needs, both through ability and interest. We are committed to facilitating active learning opportunities using opportunities available at the Nursery and specialist teaching staff for Early Years Education and various workshops (i.e. for music, dance, fitness, etc.).
  6. Holistic Development - We aim to provide a warm, loving and stimulating environment which will promote all areas of your child’s development. We will provide support to the children’s physical care routines, and promote a healthy lifestyle of children through various exercises comprising of both the outdoor access (Field trips) and regular exercise of the children.
  7. Health - We would support children who are unwell. We would appoint a permanent DHA certified Nurse for a regular check-up of the children, along with trained competent staff and complete policies on managing children health. We will have a separate feeding room for Nursing Mothers. 
  8. Equality and diversity - We would follow a policy of equality, diversity and inclusion, which includes implementing policies and procedures relating to equality, diversity and inclusive practice, engaging actively with the family to appreciate the holistic needs of the child, providing an inclusive environment which actively welcomes diversity, and being a positive role model in promoting equality, diversity and inclusive practice.
  9. Child Transition - To support the child’s transition to school with a focus on communication and language, managing behaviors, managing change in education and environment, confidence, teamwork, and learning maturity.
  10. Use of technology - The Nursery would make use of technology and smart classes, such as projector screens, computer programmes, mobile phone apps, recording devices, Digital photograph and film recordings, and Digital and audio books to enhance the child’s speech, language and communication development. Additional resources such as books, puppet shows, peek a boo, field trips, role plays, picture lotto, cooking, and rhymes would be used for the child’s speech, language and communication development.